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Who doesn’t want to open a gift every day in December?

I am frequently asked where the idea for Jesus is Sweet came from. I hope my story inspires you to confidently begin or continue a tradition that includes Jesus every day in December. I began teaching children’s Sunday school when my son was three years old. It was around February and Christmas had passed and […]

Welcome to Super Sunday School

Welcome to our blog.  This is where you will find information about the latest options and ideas we are making available to you as you minister to children and families.  While we believe it is possible to have a family that doesn’t include children, children are not to be without family.  This is why it […]


Intended to be shared as a family, this unique daily devotional guide takes you on a journey, as you sample local candy aisles all the while learning about Jesus. Each day is complete with a scripture, short devotional, prayer, and a gift idea that helps the reader to remember the truth they learned from God’s […]