Halloween Candy Devotions

Are you looking for something to do with that Halloween candy that doesn’t rot teeth, or give your already hyper kid a sugar rush? How about using it to discuss what they already know about the Bible.
This morning as my daughter was organizing her snack to take to school she was looking through her Halloween haul for a perfect piece of candy. She is only allowed one a day, so it had to be extra special. She narrowed it down to two choices; Skittles or Fun Dip. Since I just returned from the Art of Homemaking conference with Jesus is Sweet, we seem to have candy on the brain and she asked why I didn’t use either candy in the book.
I explained that I could have and did consider Fun Dip, but ultimately decided that another candy would be better in its place.
“What story were you going to use it for?” she asked.
I answered, “Think for a second and tell me, what story I could have used of that would have dip, dipped, dipping, etc in it. Before you answer, consider what the word ‘dip’ means and what other words could be used in its place.”
She thought for a minute, still drawing a blank. Encouraging her not to give up I explained, “In the book, I replaced Fun Dip with a candy bar named after an animal.”
“Oh, when Jesus got John to baptize him. That would be like dipping him in water!” She said.
She excitedly went on to explain the whole story of Jesus’ baptism and explained what it means to be baptized. Then she wanted to know why I made the change. I explained that rather than focusing on the method of the baptism, it seemed more important to me to focus on what happened as he was coming out of the water. “As Jesus was coming up out of the water, he saw heaven being torn open and the Spirit descending on him like dove. And a voice from heaven: ‘You are my Son, whom I love; with you I am well pleased.’” (Mark 1:10-11 NIV)
No more discussion was necessary, but in that brief conversation about the name of a candy she was considering tossing her bag, we were able to review the concepts of sin, salvation, and obedience in a normal conversation, just by asking her to recall what she could based on a few key words.
I have looked and haven’t found the words “fun dip” anywhere in the Bible, but it is something that God showed me to use as a conversation starter with my favorite girl. I encourage you to go through your kid’s candy bags today and see how many Bible stories, scriptures, or lessons you can recall based on the names of the candy in your kitchen right now. Maybe have a contest with the kids to see who can remember the most, or who thinks of them the fastest. I’m sure you have plenty of candy for prizes.
What a fun way to remember the scriptures this time of year. Leave a comment and let me know what stories come to mind as you dig through your Halloween haul.

Who doesn’t want to open a gift every day in December?

I am frequently asked where the idea for Jesus is Sweet came from. I hope my story inspires you to confidently begin or continue a tradition that includes Jesus every day in December.
I began teaching children’s Sunday school when my son was three years old. It was around February and Christmas had passed and Easter was approaching. As I studied the lessons, throwing out the ideas that were not going to work for my group of energetic little boys, I noticed that the kids had could identify baby Jesus in the manger at Christmas, and adult Jesus on the cross at Easter, but they were not connecting the two as the same person, and in most cases didn’t understand that the Jesus who divided the fishes and loaves and healed people was the same as the baby in the manger and the man on the cross. At first I thought this might be normal for little minds, but then I noticed some of the older kids were having the same difficulty putting it all together.
Enter a new Christmas tradition. That year I decided to take December 1 through 24 to teach my little one the story of Jesus. The idea was simple. Each night we would read a passage about Jesus and he would open a gift that went along with the lesson. So, I set off to make my list of scriptures and gifts. Some of the stories came to mind easily and others I had to really dig for. It was challenging to find things he would enjoy that matched scriptures. That first year I had to wait daily on the Lord to show us what he wanted me to teach my son. I was so excited to see what scriptures and presents we were led to and we loved every minute. Each night we would review previous stories and presents and while he may not have remembered the exact scripture at first, he did the gift and after a little prompting was able to recall the story.
One afternoon the following October, he asked if I remembered “story time.” I wasn’t sure what he was referring to so I asked for clarification. He kept giving details about some of the scriptures and presents and I realized he was talking about what we did at Christmas the last year. He wanted it again. To be honest, I hadn’t thought about doing it other than that first year, but since it was so important to him I started planning. That was eleven years ago. Since that time the stories and gifts have changed. As I study and learn more about Jesus, I am able to teach him and now my daughter more and more about Jesus. Over the years our format has remained the same. We share a short devotional at bedtime that includes bible reading, prayer, and a gift. Over the years God has allowed me the opportunity to share this tool with many different churches in multiple denominations. The biggest surprise for me has been to hear of parents with teenagers, and even college aged kids going through these guides as a family. As I write and plan I have my kids in their current ages in mind, but God has been faithful to use these messages geared toward my kids to be helpful to anyone who wants to listen. It has become a fun tool to give parents confidence to use in the days before Christmas to teach their kids something new each day about who Jesus is and why he gave his life for us.
If this is sounds like a fun tradition you would like to try with your children, or the children in your church, please be sure to download a free sample. I hope you enjoy it and please be sure to post a comment about your experience.

Welcome to Super Sunday School

Welcome to our blog.  This is where you will find information about the latest options and ideas we are making available to you as you minister to children and families.  While we believe it is possible to have a family that doesn’t include children, children are not to be without family.  This is why it is critical to give parents or other adults in a child’s life the tools and confidence to equip them to teach the gospel to the precious people in their care.

Here we hope to do just that.  Be it exciting family devotionals, or children’s sermon ideas using things that you would never ordinarily find in a church, the activities on this site will inspire you to really begin looking outside the box curriculum to identify teachable moments that relate specifically to the child you are ministering to. But we don’t want to stop at noon on Sunday.  We want these kids to remember these lessons and be able to begin connecting scripture to everyday items and experiences.

Many of you may come by this naturally and for you I hope this site gives you encouragement and a place to share your own fresh ideas in the comments section.  For others that feel this is too difficult a task, we pray that you will gain confidence with practice.

We hope you will visit our site often as we provide new material and encouragement for you.


Intended to be shared as a family, this unique daily devotional guide takes you on a journey, as you sample local candy aisles all the while learning about Jesus.

Each day is complete with a scripture, short devotional, prayer, and a gift idea that helps the reader to remember the truth they learned from God’s word.

See the confidence in your knowledge of the scriptures increase as you use this exciting guide and the gift suggestions to teach your children about the endless love of God through his Son Jesus.

A great gift idea for any family on your Christmas list.

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